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Drug Testing News

Union: Chief should take random drug tests with responders

The union said firefighters and paramedics would be more willing to sign a contract that requires drug testing if the chief agrees to be tested as well TAMPA, Fla. - A union is debating a new contract for firefighters and paramedics that requires random drug testing for the first time, and said it would help if the fire chief was subjected to the tests as well. [...]

Don Blankenship, Dead Miners, Humility, and the Limits of Free Speech in West Virginia

Don Blankenship, former coal company executive who was convicted of federal safety violations that led to the deaths of 29 coal miners in 2010, is now running for U.S. Senate. I was sitting at home in West Virginia tonight when a call came in from the U.S. Senate campaign for Don Blankenship. [...]

Deaths from fentanyl overdoses increase while overall drug deaths drop slightly

The year 2017 was only three days old when the first overdose death was reported to the Washington County coroner's office, and the final day of the year saw two people dying of drug overdoses. [...]

Iditarod reprimands director of drug testing program who made alleged threat to musher

The governing board of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race announced Monday that it will "formally reprimand" the head of the race drug-testing program. A top musher accused Morrie Craig, who leads the effort to tests dogs for banned substances, of attempting to threaten and intimidate him moments before the race began March 4. Craig told the Daily News that he did not intend to threaten the racer, Wade Marrs. [...]

County looks at random drug testing for student athletes The Wilson...

The Wilson County Board of Education took the first step last week in establishing a random drug test program for high school student athletes and participants in extracurricular activities. The group approved a policy change on first reading that would establish a committee to develop random drug test procedures for high school athletes and participants in extracurricular activities, which would be reviewed by the district's attorney before final approval from the board. [...]

Millennials Hit Hard by Opioids

Between 2015 and 2016, the death rate for people ages 25 to 34 rose by more than 10 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the latest sign that the nation's opioid epidemic is accelerating, the rate of drug overdoses and the death rate for young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 rose sharply in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [...]

Wisconsin drug-testing plan shows why we can't afford a Republican governor

The evidence says Scott Walker costing Wisconsin a large pile of wasted loot. But at least the governor can look like a hero to the aging white men who form his base. [...]

Cro Cop: I'll kick Nelson's 'fat disrespectful ass' after PED talk

Mirko Filipovic is annoyed by some recent comments by his next opponent. Last week, Roy Nelson mentioned that the man known as Cro Cop might still be on "special supplements", and a lack of drug testing in Bellator means that he could use them before the two men meet on May 15th. [...]

Woman in fatal crash asks to remove leg monitor

A Texarkana woman who authorities say was drunk when she caused a fatal collision with a motorcycle driver last year wants to be free of the financial burden that comes with the leg monitor she is required to wear as a condition of her bond. Callie Jones, 58, appeared with Texarkana lawyer Joe Tyler for a pre-indictment hearing Wednesday afternoon before District Judge Bobby Lockhart at the Bi-State Justice Building in downtown Texarkana. [...]

Almost 70 Pct Of National Athletes take Doping Tests - Adamas

Almost 70 per cent of the 178 athletes participating in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast had undergone doping tests. Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia head, Nishel Kumar announced that the agency was expected to complete the process of collecting urine samples from national athletes in a few more days. [...]

Hundreds flock to Wisconsin's first Hemp Expo

"My product contains zero percent THC, will not make you fail a drug test," said Rachel Cartwright, of CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin. Cartwright makes therapeutic oils and gummies using hemp. [...]

She told cops they were vitamins. But botched test kept Florida mom in jail for months.

A Tampa Bay woman sat in jail for five months before she got vindication that the pills found in her car that she called vitamins were, indeed, vitamins. According to an ongoing Fox 13 news investigation on faulty field drug tests, Rebecca Shaw served five months in jail until her husband could pay her $5,000 bail. [...]

Woman Tries to Claim Doctor Prescribed Her Meth

A New Mexico woman was really stretching in her hope to have a prescription for methamphetamine. The woman, Ginger Sharpe, was already on probation for a forgery conviction when she failed the drug test. [...]

Woman first to graduate from drug court program

Near the end of her shift at a Seymour fast-food restaurant, Dawn-Angel Phillips was cleaning the bathrooms when she found a needle, a syringe and a bag of dope. Being nearly two years sober and about ready to be the first graduate of the Jackson County Drug Court program, the 26-year-old knew she couldn't give in to temptation. [...]

Drug testing technology keeps Northwest Indiana officers safe in wake of surge in fentanyl

Lake County Sheriff's Commander Alfred Villarreal and Detective Kevin Fertig work with the PurAir unit during a demonstration of a TruNarc, a new technology to keep officers safe while testing for drugs, especially during the dangerous rise of fentanyl. Lake County Sheriff's Commander Alfred Villarreal and Detective Kevin Fertig work with the PurAir unit during a demonstration of a TruNarc, a new technology to keep officers safe while testing for drugs, especially during the dangerous rise of fentanyl. [...]