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Drug Testing News

Motherisk hair test evidence tossed out of Colorado court 2 decades before questions raised in Canada

For more than two decades, Motherisk performed flawed hair-strand tests on thousands of vulnerable families across Canada, influencing decisions in child protection cases that separated parents from their children and sometimes children from their siblings. A U.S. court laid out extensive problems with how hair-strand tests were being done at the Motherisk Drug Testing Lab at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto more than two decades before similar issues were uncovered in Canada. [...]

Drug testing in schools pushes through

After getting the approval of President Duterte and of the Cabinet members, Education Secretary Leonor Briones on Friday said that there is no stopping the implementation of the drug testing among select students, teachers and non-teaching personnel under the Department of Education . "When we presented it to the Cabinet, we viewed drug addiction as a disease and a health issue so like any disease, it has to be diagnosed," Briones said. [...]

UFC's Lyman Good suing supplement companies, claiming tainted...

Lyman Good said he never took performance-enhancing drugs, and USADA co-signed that his 2016 positive drug test came from tainted supplements. Now, Good wants to take the companies that manufactured those products to court. [...]

Notes from the Field: Counterfeit Percocet-Related Overdose Cluster - Georgia, June 2017

Laura Edison, DVM1,2; Amber Erickson, MPH3; Sasha Smith, MPH3; Gaylord Lopez, PharmD4; Stephanie Hon, PharmD4; Alexandra King, PharmD4; Nancy Nydam1; J. Patrick O'Neal, MD1; Cherie Drenzek, DVM1 On June 5, 2017, a Georgia North-Central Health District emergency department notified the Georgia Poison Center of six opioid overdoses and one death during the previous day. All patients had severe respiratory depression, loss of consciousness, or both, and some required high naloxone doses and mechanical ventilation. [...]

'It's a tragedy': How the flawed Motherisk hair test helped fracture families across Canada

Tammy Whiteman's fight to get back her daughters, Krista, left, and Kira, right, was initially unsuccessful because of what has now been determined to be faulty hair-strand testing done by the Motherisk Drug Testing Lab at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. But in 2008, Family Youth and Child Services of Muskoka took her nine- and 13-year-old daughters from her because of serious concerns about her mental health and childrearing. [...]

Minot woman pleads guilty to exposing child to drugs, abandoning child

A Minot woman will serve two years in prison after admitting to exposing a young boy to meth and abandoning the child with a man she hardly knew. Investigators say that last August 30-year-old Sheena Lavallie left the boy with a man she had known for only a couple days, and drug test revealed methamphetamine in the child's system. [...]

Drug Testing Failure Rate for 'Safety-Sensitive' Workers Soars

The percentage of U.S. workers in "safety-sensitive" jobs - a category that includes truck drivers - who flunked their federally-mandated drug tests increased at an "alarming" rate from 2015 to 2016, according to an analysis of drug testing data collected by the nation's largest lab. Overall, the percentage of safety-sensitive workers who failed crept up year-over-year, the report said. [...]

Medical marijuana dispensaries owner challenges constitutionality of...

Growing flowers of cannabis intended for the medical marijuana market are shown at OrganiGram in Moncton, N.B., on April 14, 2016. The Trudeau government has earmarked just over $274 million to support policing and border efforts associated with the plan to legalize recreational marijuana use.The government said Friday it is committing $161 million of the money to train frontline officers in how to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug-impaired driving and to provide access to drug screening devices. [...]

Daily Bread Mailbag: Spence-Thurman, Charlo, Lubin, PEDs, More

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with numerous topics being tackled, like Errol Spence vs. Keith Thurman, the punching power of Jermell Charlo, random drug testing in boxing, the future of Erickson Lubin, and more. Dam bro you went 2 for 3 and Trout almost pulled the upset so that one went how you expected. [...]


Alison K. Manning, 33, of North Liberty, Iowa; Merle C. Baker, 62, of Estherville, Iowa; Christine M. Powell, 62, of Bozeman, Mont.; each fined $125. Grant A. Roesner, 18, of Fairmont was convicted of possession of small amount of marijuana-no remuneration; fined $135. [...]

Unnamed Iditarod musher insisted he or she didn't give sled dogs a prohibited drug, statement says

The Iditarod Officials Finishers Club president sent a statement to mushers Wednesday on behalf of the unnamed competitor whose dogs, race officials said, tested positive for tramadol, a prohibited pain reliever, in the 2017 race. Wade Marrs, president of the Iditarod Officials Finishers Club, said the musher wrote the seven-paragraph statement. [...]

Judge: Michael Douglas' son can go to Los Angeles to act

A judge who sentenced Michael Douglas' son to nearly a decade in prison several years ago told him on Wednesday that he can go to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman cleared a path to Hollywood for Cameron Douglas after attorney Ben Brafman said his client planned to initially live with his grandfather, 100-year-old screen legend Kirk Douglas, as he looks for his own place. [...]

Crime down in Maine, but drugs still a 'driving force'

A small pile of a substance believed to be heroin sits on a scale at the state drug testing lab in Augusta. Crime in Maine decreased for the fifth straight year in 2016, but drug use continues to fuel much of the state's criminal behavior, according to the Maine Department of Public Safety. [...]

These poppy seeds won't make you look like a drug addict

Some geniuses over at a global ingredient supply company in London created a proprietary mix of Eastern European poppy seeds recognized for having low levels of morphine - which often creates a false-positive for heroin in drug tests - and cheaper poppy seeds from the UK that have a higher amount of the opioid. While there is a drug test that factors in poppy seeds, produced by the opium poppy plant, eating too many can still inaccurately peg you as a heroin addict. [...]

Bermane Stiverne Signs Contract For Deontay Wilder Rematch

Josh Dubin and James Prince, who manage former heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne, have confirmed to BoxingScene.com that their fighter has officially signed a contract for his mandatory rematch with WBC beltholder Deontay Wilder. According to Dubin and Prince, a deal was reached between King and the handlers of Wilder - but King never discussed the agreed-upon financial terms with Stiverne's managers or the fighter. [...]