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Drug Testing News

City jail wants City Hall to spend for drug tests

THE management of the Cebu City Jail is asking the Cebu City Government to shoulder the P300,000 needed for the drug test kits of more than 4,000 inmates. Jail Superintendent Arnel Peralta, who serves as warden of the city jail, made the request through a letter to Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena. [...]

Drug testing fair for anyone on public purse

"If they are going to be drug testing welfare recipients then if it is good enough for them it is good enough for me." A Griffith Councillor has thrown his support behind politicians submitting to drug tests, after measures were introduced subjecting welfare recipients to random drug tests in the 2017 budget. [...]

The Fight Against Fentanyl and the Forensic Chemists Who Track It

Fentanyl is a legitimate medicine prescribed for cancer patients to help alleviate pain, but it's also being called the "killer chemical." Black market fentanyl is a high-powered, man-made version of the painkiller that is increasing in presence and strength in the Twin Cities, according to Camala Dubach, a forensic chemist with the Drug Enforcement Administration. [...]

Festivalgoers can test drugs at testing tents

Music festivalgoers are offered drug testing to see how pure their 'gear' is... and the police won't arrest them Critics have warned that testing will 'normalise' drug taking and give youngsters a false reassurance that it is safe to take banned substances Police chiefs are planning to let revellers at some of the UK's biggest music festivals this summer test their drugs before taking them without fear of arrest. Forces have backed the controversial move in an attempt to save lives after a spate of drug-related deaths at such events. [...]

David Ortiz deflecting blame to Yankees like a soccer goalkeeper

David Ortiz recently appeared on a radio show in Boston to blame the Yankees for the revelation of his failed PED test back in 2009. This is one conspiracy theory that has absolutely no merit. [...]

As more states legalize pot, more employees failing drug tests

Workers at McLane drive forklifts and load hefty boxes into trucks. The grocery supplier, which runs a warehouse in Colorado, needs people who will stay alert - but prospective hires keep failing drug screens. [...]

12-year high: More workers are failing company drug tests

More American workers are testing positive for illegal drugs than at any time in the last 12 years, according a study from Quest Diagnostics Inc., one of the nation's leading workplace-testing labs. The testing company's analysis examined more than ten million workforce urine drug test results and revealed that overall positivity among the combined U.S. workforce in 2016 was 4.2 percent, a 5 percent relative increase over 2015's rate of 4 percent, and the highest annual positivity rate since 2004 . [...]

Taking steps to be prepared

Local law enforcement agencies are taking additional steps to prepare their officers if they come in contact with illegal drugs while searching a suspect or vehicle. [...]

Arrests won't end suffering

Two major drug raids captured the attention of area residents on Wednesday and Thursday. One in Charlotte, where one man was charged with selling marijuana and cocaine. [...]

The military's special ops may try to develop 'super soldiers'...

US Special Operations Command is weighing the use of nutritional supplements or even performance-enhancing drugs to push the abilities and endurance of its forces beyond current human limits, according to a report from Defense News. While special-operations forces already have access to specialized resources, like dietitians and physical therapists, SOCOM is looking to increase their ability to tolerate pain, recover from injuries, and remain physically able in challenging environments. [...]

Two area residents sent to prisonThree area residents blow probation; ...

Za Quan Bolling, 19, most recently of Wellington, was found to be in violation of community control . His underlying offense was breaking and entering, a fifth-degree felony. [...]

The Week in Weed: Sessions Reinstates Mandatory Minimums, Portland...

As both cannabis and criminal justice advocates reel from a Sessions memo urging federal prosecutors to impose mandatory minimum sentences on low-level drug offenders, New Jersey pushes forward with cannabis reform. And damn, Americans really like to do drugs-all sorts of them-and have been failing their drug tests. [...]

Tyler ISD considers implementing drug tests for athletics programs

The Tyler ISD board of trustees is in the early stages of discussion to bring in a drug-testing program for the district's athletes, which could eventually be expanded to other extracurricular programs if successful. At a meeting last week, Tommy Thompson of T.H.E. Labs and Athletic Director Greg Priest presented the board with data and cost estimates. [...]

Drug plan based on stigma not love

The recent federal budget announced a terrible new policy - drug testing 5000 new recipients of Youth Allowance or Newstart. The drugs tested for will be cannabis, methamphetamine and MDMA. [...]

Drug testingDrug problem a community issue

AN anti-drug advocate is calling for the proposed drug testing of new welfare recipients to be extended to employees of government agencies, saying Bunbury's methamphetamine problem is not restricted to the city's unemployed. Bunbury has been highlighted as a location for the welfare recipient drug trial but the news has met controversy, with community leaders saying it is an issue the whole community deals with. [...]